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Creativity Builders Lesson Plans
Creativity Builders Lesson Plans
View the first Creativity Builders Lesson Plan
"Create Your Own Language" one of the hands-on activities
from Creativity Express.

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Creativity Builders
Lesson Plans
A high quality spiral bound
print version for
ease of use
Price per Handbook $24.95

Product Code: CEMLCBPV

Overview Licensing
The Creativity Builders Lesson Plans come with the Creativity Express curriculum; the files and are downloadable for users within the Teacher Account Center. Yes, you can always print them out yourself, but this printed version is bright enough to find on your desk, and solid enough to withstand a coffee spill.
There are 32 Creativity Builders, two for each of the 16 lessons of Creativity Express. These hands-on activities are an extension of the online doART sections of each lesson, and are designed to ensure full student comprehension of lesson concepts.
Lessons plans for each Creativity Builder activity begin with an overview, specific teaching objectives, and class time needed. Materials and procedures for each module are outlined along with additional vocabulary to increase student comprehension.
Ideas for module extensions allow teachers to expand on the lessons with class discussion, analysis, critiques and reviews. Templates for the Creativity Builders activities are included which can be photocopied for student use.
Together these two components - the Creativity Express Online content and the Creativity Builders projects - allow Creativity Express to meet the National Standards for the Visual Arts, and several State Standards as well. For details on the Creativity Express Standards and Awards visit: http://www.madcaplogic.com/awards.php.

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