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Creativity Express School Curriculum
Creativity Express School Curriculum
Meet your Art Guides - Tickles, Furnace, and Ruby
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School Curriculum with Individual Student Accounts
One year subscription

Minimum order quantity of 10 licenses;
Price Per Student Per Year $39.95
(Minimum order):  10

Product Code: CEOML6SV

Overview Licensing Getting Started
It's simple - each enrolled student has a year-long subscription to Creativity Express. As every school system is different, our Teacher Account Center is flexibly designed for class and student management. Here are some examples of our account center features:
Traditional Schools:
Are we replacing art teachers? No! Creativity Express frees up your valuable class time so you can concentrate on imparting your special knowledge and expertise. Easy to use Teacher Account Center features and time-saving student assessments give teachers the tools to manage their classes and help their students succeed.
With individual student accounts you can assign Art Lessons to be completed at home, then track student login time. Students will come to class prepared, and if not you'll know why.

Do you want to know if your students have completed a Challenge? Uploaded work into their Portfolio? You can receive notifications by email. The Teacher Account center shows you student time tracking giving you the ability to know just how much time each student has spent logged in and using Creativity Express.
Virtual and Charter Schools:
It's easy to add Creativity Express to your curriculum choices. Using the Virtual School model, our Teacher Account Center is built specifically for the needs of teachers, parents and students to work at a distance from each other, but still stay on the same page of the map.
Student accounts are easily created; welcome letters and passwords are auto generated via email. Teachers control class creation and the placement of students classes. Lesson module access is controlled by class; teachers can use the linear release function or choose to lock and unlock each of the 16 lessons according to their class schedule or individual student needs.
Our interactive Assessment Rubric is aligned with the National Standards for the Visual Arts. Easily implemented, it gives teachers the ability to monitor and report students progress.
Integrated lesson plans simplify the teaching process, allowing parents to easily manage the lesson content as well. Plans are correlated with the online doART sections of Creativity Express begin with an overview, specific teaching objectives, and class time needed. Materials and procedures for each module are outlined along with additional vocabulary to increase student comprehension.

Do you have a Homeschool or Afterschool group and would like to benefit from our quantity discount pricing? Simply get together a minimum of 10 children and create your own 'School'. Each child will have their own account, and you can have as many teachers (parents) as you need. You can name your school anything you like so be creative! Contact us if you have questions on how to take advantage of this offer.
API Access:
Yes we can! Virtual Schools, Museums, Libraries - anywhere you need Creativity Express to become an integral part of your educational content.
Maybe you have open computer access in your library, and want the students to have art enrichment as an option. We can help there as well - free time doesn't have to be wasted time in a child's day.
If you have computer terminals in your museum, give your younger patrons the chance to explore art throughout history by seeing the many ways it can be used to tell a story, capture an emotion, or depict a moment in time. Imagine the stunned look on parents' faces when children enjoy their visit to a museum, and ask for more! Contact us for details and pricing.
For larger orders we can invoice as well as accepting payment through the web store. Contact us and we will be happy to accommodate.

Dali Painting
Dali Painting
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